I Need A Hot Dog

We love hot dogs! So we wanted to create a backdrop for people to share and compare their hotdog adventures. We travel the states finding the best hot dog joints America has to offer. This is the place to keep up to date on everything that is happening in the hot dog world—new restaurants, festivals, upcoming events, and more. Of course, hot dogs aren’t the only tubular cuisine that makes our bellies purr, be it brats, wursts, or sausages, we love all encased meats!

So if you love hotdogs, join the conversation. Are you an Estilo Sonoro or a Chicago-style? What’s your pick for America’s best hot dog?


Hot Dogs in California


Hot Dogs in Florida


Hot Dogs in Georgia


Hot Dogs in Illinois


Hot Dogs in Kansas


Hot Dogs in Michigan


Hot Dogs in Minnesota

New York

Hot Dogs in New York


Hot Dogs in Texas

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